Integrating Document Experiences into your Cloud Business Applications


Today we announced the release of Office Developer Tools March 2014 Update which includes a number of updates for Office & SharePoint developers. One such update is integrating document experiences into your Cloud Business Apps (CBA) You can now relate host web document libraries to your business entities and also create Office documents on the […]

Cloud Business Applications – New Member to the Family


If you have downloaded Visual Studio 2013, you would have noticed a new project template called ‘Cloud Business Application‘ under the ‘Office/SharePoint->Apps‘ category: So what is a Cloud Business App (CBA)? The CBA model is highly tailored to help you build enterprise applications for Office 365 and SharePoint. That said, it is also flexible so […]

Downloading Office Developer Tools for Offline Install


Office Developer Tools uses the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) to install the latest version of the tools. This has a lot of advantages over the traditional setup packages, such as it helps us to always deliver the latest package. WebPI however requires internet connection to download the require packages to install. That’s a bummer for […]

Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Now Available


Today we released Office Developer Tools for VS2012 RTW and is available for download here – There are some great updates to this release, few mentioned below: First and foremost, you do not need to run Visual Studio 2012 as an administrator to build apps for SharePoint! [Well, there are some corner cases, but […]