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Who am I?
Friends call me Chaks. I am originally from South India and pursued my Masters in SW Engineering in India. I moved to New Zealand (NZ) in 2007. In my 6 years in NZ, I worked as a developer, solution specialist and joined Microsoft so I can build great products for customers. I have a strong passion for Product Management. I love innovation and believe it is an essential part of product management.

What do I do today?

I work as a PM for SharePoint Developer Platform. My team, SharePoint Portals, Publishing and Platform (SPPPLAT) is focused on delivering the robust SharePoint development framework for both Microsoft and customers to build modern experiences in SharePoint. As a PM, I work with my team to design, build and deliver an extensible developer platform that will let both 1st and 3rd parties configure, extend and customize the portal experiences in SharePoint.

What was I doing before?

I worked as a PM for Microsoft with the Visual Studio team. I currently own the Office 365 API tooling developer experience within Visual Studio that helps developers discover and consume Office 365 services in their applications.

I worked closely with customers helping them define and design enterprise applications and intranet solutions.

When it comes to product management?
I bring in a wealth of customer insights which helps in building great products that customers love
I always think outside of the box and explore various options that helps me build the right product for the customers.

What about latest technologies?
I stay abreast of the latest technology trends (products & services) and evaluate them as much as possible.

Outside of work?
I love to travel, explore new places and have a passion for photography.

Your write great content here in your blog, can I use/share it?

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