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Cloud Business Applications – New Member to the Family

If you have downloaded Visual Studio 2013, you would have noticed a new project template called ‘Cloud Business Application‘ under the ‘Office/SharePoint->Apps‘ category:


So what is a Cloud Business App (CBA)?

The CBA model is highly tailored to help you build enterprise applications for Office 365 and SharePoint. That said, it is also flexible so that you can build applications for your on-premises SharePoint environment just the way you build for the cloud.

What does CBA give me over an App for SharePoint project?

CBA provides a lot of great tools to build enterprise applications, like:

  • RAD environment
  • Client that is touch-optimized, responsive and cross-browser support
  • MVVVM approach in building your applications
  • Data source connection wizards to most popular endpoints
  • Middle tier to handle all those events, triggers in various data sources

Where do I start?

Here is a great blog post to start with – Building a Kudos App


Should I stop using the app for SharePoint template?


CBA and App for SharePoint templates provide different use cases. While App for SharePoint template relies on you (the developer) to do most of the things, CBA will provide a RAD environment that will do it for you (the developer).

App for SharePoint still caters for web developers wherein you get all the ASP.NET web goodness such as MVC, Bootstrap , SharePointContext helper etc.,

In the long run, expect some similarities in both project templates.

Where can I get more information?

Create Cloud Business Apps in Visual Studio

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any feedback or questions!

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