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‘Fast Update’ in Apps for SharePoint

This is one of my favorite features introduced in the Office Developer Tools for SharePoint app development – we call it ‘Fast Update’ !

What is ‘Fast Update’ ?

‘Fast Update’ enables you to update files on the fly while debugging (F5) your app so you can see the changes with just refreshing the page rather than debugging the app again.

For example: You could debug your app, come back to Visual Studio while you are still debugging your app and update the home page (.aspx), go back to browser, refresh the page!

Sounds interesting right? 🙂

‘Fast Update’ in Action

Create a simple SharePoint hosted app using Visual Studio:


Press F5 to start debugging:

This will deploy the app to the SharePoint site and will open the app’s default home page which is Default.aspx


Switch back to Visual Studio (while it is still debugging):

Open Default.aspx and add the following code just before </asp:Content>

    <h2>This was just added while debugging the app!</h2>

Screenshot below:


Now press Ctrl + S to save the file:

Notice Visual Studio says “Communicating with SharePoint…” (you will also see “Item(s) saved” message afterwards)


Visual Studio just updated the .aspx file to the SharePoint site!

Go back to the browser and refresh the page:

You should see the new text we just added to the page!


How cool is that! 🙂

Supported Files

Currently we support the following files for fast update in an app for SharePoint:

  • HTML (.html)
  • ASPX (.aspx)
  • JS (.js)
  • CSS (.css)

What next?

Try ‘fast update’ – enjoy your time developing apps for SharePoint! love it? hate it? – leave a comment! 🙂

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