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IE 8 – Always start InPrivate browsing mode


There was a discussion in IE 8 beta Newsgroups at Connect regarding always starting IE8 in InPrivate browsing mode 🙂

Here is how you do it. There are two ways to do it:

Internet Explorer Shortcut

Create a IE8 shortcut as shown in the screen-shot below


The argument -private will always open IE8 in InPrivate browsing mode 🙂

Make InPrivate your Home Page

This is the easier way. Open IE8 and choose InPrivate Browsing from the Safety menu


Now, make it your Home Page


From now on, whenever you open IE8, it will be in InPrivate Browsing mode. The InPrivate box near the address bar wont be there, but the browser will tell you that its in InPrivate Browsing mode as shown below:


(I think that is a bug!)

UPDATE: It seems that setting it as Home Page and opening it later does not open IE8 in InPrivate mode. Read more here

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  1. I cannot turn on the inprivate browsing feature in IE8 beta 2. Can someone help me please. ‘Inprivate browsing’ in safety does not apper while I try the new tab and press the ‘inprivate browsing’ nothing happens.