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IE8 – Things to note in InPrivate mode

Recently I blogged about how to start IE8 in InPrivate mode by default

There are two ways to do it:

  • Using command line
  • Making the InPrivate page as your Home Page

Well, it turns out to be that setting the InPrivate page as your Home Page does not open IE8 in InPrivate mode. It just opens the page about:InPrivate


This is similar to the behavior of about:tabs and about:blank !

Remember, You are not browsing in InPrivate mode if you are opening about:InPrivate!

What do we look to confirm that we are indeed browsing in InPrivate mode?

  • The [InPrivate] text in the title bar, and,
  • The InPrivate icon (picture) before the address bar


How do we start IE8 always in InPrivate mode?

This is the only way (atm) which will start IE8 in InPrivate mode

iexplore.exe -private

This can be done by just typing the above command in Start Menu (in Vista)


Or, also by creating a short-cut

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