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My Take on Product Hunt Mobile App Design

Simple mock-ups I designed for Product Hunt iOS app.

Product Hunt is one of my favorite websites where I get my daily scoop of new products released or updated. Today, a selected few users are able to submit their products to the Product Hunt website.

However, it lacks an app — that’s right, an app. Well, not so quite right. Ryan Hoover , Product Hunt founder, announced that iOS app is under development and is launching soon. You can sign-up for the beta here.

Last month, I was chatting with Ryan about the Product Hunt’s mobile app design and showed him few mock-ups that I built. While the mock-ups don’t resemble the current Product Hunt’s mock-ups, I took this as an exercise to improve my own skill set in this space.

Here is the video of the interactive mock-up. You can also try the interactive mock-up here in your iPhone.

Without further adieu, below are my mock-ups.

Home Screen

Home Screen Home Screen

The home highlights the following:

  • Products by date
  • Product’s platform availability
  • Product’s release type — whether New, Beta or a New version
  • Verified users are highlighted
  • And, you can cast your vote to your favorite products
  • You can also search for products right away

I got most of my requirements/ideas/suggestions from the feedback received on the new Product Hunt home page mock-up.

Product Screen

Product Screen Product Screen

Here you can see the details of the product along with users’ comments. You can also share your thoughts and reply to users’ comments.

‘Share your thoughts’ Screen

Share Your Thoughts Share Your Thoughts

Just like in the Product Hunt website, you can include users in your comment.

Include Users Include Users

And here is the mock-up with a reply to a user’s comment:

Reply Comment Reply Comment

What do you think?

Don’t forget to try out the interactive mockup here. Do leave your comments/suggestions if any.

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