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Part 1: Configuring BCS in SharePoint 2010

There has been a lot of blog posts floating around (including in this blog) on how to consume external data into SharePoint 2010 using the new Business Connectivity Services(BCS) feature set built using the new Business Data Connectivity(BDC) service application. But less has been told on how to configure BCS for both intranet & internet scenarios.


For the next few weeks will see how we can configure BCS, the various BCS authentication schemes and the double hop issue. This blog post today will take you through the basics of configuring BCS.


Configure BCS via Farm Configuration Wizard

After SharePoint 2010 is successfully installed and the farm created, you should be redirected to your central administration page where SharePoint will configure your farm with the available services. You can either accept to configure all the services or select the services you want for your farm.




If you had chosen to configure all services (which is the default option), you already have BDC service application configured for you by SharePoint. Once configured, you should be able to see the BDC in your service application’s list.


  1. Browse to the central administration site
  2. Click on Application Management | Service Applications | Manage service applications
  3. You should be able to locate the Business Connectivity Services



Configure BCS by creating a new BCS Service Application

If you had not chosen BCS in the farm configuration wizard, then you probably don’t have BCS configured. However, you can create a BCS service application and proxy in a few steps.

1) Browse to the central administration site

2) Click on Application Management | Service Applications | Manage service applications

3) In the ribbon, click on New | Business Data Connectivity

4) Specify the settings for your Business Data Connectivity service application

  • Make sure you enter the Service Application Name, Application Pool and right Managed Account



5) Once created successfully, you should see your new BDC service application



Configure Service Application Associations

Every web application in SharePoint 2010 will be associated to its own set of service applications. You can choose to associate your web application with all of the service applications or choose from the existing list.

If you had configured BCS using the SharePoint Configuration Wizard, your web application will be already associated with the default BDC service application and you can skip this step.

If you had configured BCS manually by creating a new BDC service application, the chances are that the new BDC service application is already associated with all of your web applications. But it is always better to check once. Follow the steps below to do so:

1) Browse to the central administration site

2) Click on Application Management | Service Applications | Configure service application associations

3) Click on your web application



4) If you already see My BDC Service in the default list, then its already associated, else:

  • Choose custom from the drop down
  • Select the new BDC service application and also you can set it as default



The BDC service application is now configured and you are ready to rock the BCS world of magic!

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