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Quick Installation Guide for SharePoint 2010 Beta2

** This is applicable only if you are building a new virtual machine or new installations **

  1. Install Windows Server 2008 R2
  2. Rename the computer to a meaningful name
  3. Perform a reboot after the computer name change
  4. Install the Active Directory Domain Services role
  5. Run dcpromo.exe and create the domain
  6. Perform a reboot after configuring the new domain
  7. Configure DNS (optional step, but its good to create some forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones)
  8. Install Visual Studio 2010
  9. Unless you know what you need, it is better to select everything for install
  10. Create two domain users from copying the Administrator user
  11. domainSQLAdmin
  12. domainSPAdmin
  13. Install SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP
  14. Unless you know what you need, it is better to select everything for install
  15. Use the user account domainSQLAdmin for the SQL Server accounts configuration during the install
  16. You can also install SQL Server 2008 with all the latest updates (Cumulative Update 4) installed instead of SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP
  17. Install Office 2010 Professional Plus Beta
  18. Unless you know what you need, it is better to install every Office 2010 application
  19. Install Visio 2010 Beta
  20. Install the WCF Hotfix
  21. At this point, you can consider this as a Base Image
  22. If you are using Hyper-V, take a snapshot here
  23. If you are using VMware, you can create a new linked clone from the current state
    • This is very helpful because now you could create a new linked clone and install SharePoint Server 2010 and again create another linked clone and install SharePoint Foundation 2010 without going to again installing the OS and other roles (Step 1 to 13)
  24. Run the SharePoint Pre-requisites Installer and install the pre-requisites
  25. This will install all the pre-requisites including IIS Web Server role. That is why we did not install this initially.
  26. Perform a reboot after installing all the pre-requisites
  27. If you don’t reboot now, you wont be able to execute the next step
  28. Install SharePoint 2010 Beta2
  29. You can use these product keys (Enterprise Version though):
    • PKXTJ-DCM9D-6MM3V-G86P8-MJ8CY (SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Beta)
    • BV7VC-RMR6B-26P6Y-BTQDG-DX2KQ (SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Enterprise Beta)
  30. Run the configuration wizard and create the new farm, configuration database and central administration website
  31. Use the user account domainSPAdmin as the Database Access Account
  32. Finish the installation by completing the Configuration Wizard Walkthrough via the Central Administration
  33. Enjoy the SharePoint 2010 experience!

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