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SharePoint 2010: Media Web Part

Here is another cool new web part added to SharePoint 2010 – The Audio & Video Web Part [ a.k.a Media Web Part ]

The Media Web Part is a Silverlight Control. Once you edit the page, its available from the Insert tab in the SharePoint Ribbon.


This will add the Media Web Part to the page:


Clicking on the web part, the Web Part Options tab is revealed in the Ribbon:


You can select your source from the Change Media button menu.


From SharePoint opens up the Asset Picker dialog through which you can select a video from the current site/subsites:


Here is the video playing in the web part:


You can also change the image of the web part from the Change Image button in the Ribbon.

Currently, only two styles are available – Dark and Light


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  1. I do not see this Web Part, when I hit the insert tab all I see under ‘Media’ is ‘Picture’….Where do I get the Video & Audio webpart?…How do I install it?

  2. ensure you have the following featurs turned on: from site collection features you need to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and from site features you need to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing feature. You also need to ensure you have a wmv file on the site. hope this helps

  3. Thakns for the excellent post. I do have a question: if I have a media file already stored in a file system in a server, and I want to add this media to the Media Web Part using ‘Change Media’ –> ‘From Address’ (then use a URL to point to the media file). In SharePoint database, will it only stores the link to the media, or will it actually uploads and stores the media file in SharePoint database?

  4. i am not able to insert in Blog type site .when we create a subsite as Blog templete . in blog templete (post list ) . i can not enable /insert media.
    plz psot some idea.

  5. I am seeing that the webpart can only point to 1 file , but not a library within SharePoint, is this correct? How would we be able to point it to a library within the same site and choose the video to view?

  6. I’m having an issue. Sometimes I get the “configure” link on the webpart and most times I do not. I don’t know why. I can edit in sharepoint designer, what would be the attribute to add the location of the file in sharepoint designer?