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SharePoint: Customising the EntityEditorWithPicker

I am sure many SharePoint users will be familiar with the EntityEditorWithPicker. Well, if you are wondering what the hell is this EntityEditorWithPicker, below is a screen-shot:


Yes, that nice little TextBox portion along with the ‘Check for Names’ and ‘Browse’ button is the EntityEditorWithPicker. Don’t forget that ‘dialog box window’ which comes when you choose to browse πŸ˜‰

SharePoint being extensible, it is very easy to create your own custom EntityEditorWithPicker. You can implement it such a way that it loads some data from a list and allows the user to select an list item. To do so, you should extend three classes:

Below is a diagram which represents the above:


The picker dialog represents that ‘dialog box window’. The results are returned from the simple query control to the picker dialog. The picker dialog is attached to the entity editor so that the entity editor is aware which is that ‘dialog box window’ to open.

Putting the respective classes to their user interface, it becomes:

image   image

Looks easy, isn’t it πŸ™‚

For code sample, Igor Kozlov has an excellent sample on customising the EntityEditorWithPicker on his blog.

Wouter van Vugt has an advanced sample on creating a CustomField by using EntityEditorWithPicker (You can grab the code sample here)

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