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SharePoint WCM – Breaking the Ice – A look into the website template, Home Page and other Controls

In the previous post we saw the basic initial steps in getting started with SharePoint and WCM. I also warned you are going to have one hell of a ride with SharePoint and WCM!

Well, lets get started then!

To make things simpler, I have downloaded a website template called Jet30 from Templateworld. Below is the screenshot of how the website looks


Jet30 and Home Page

Assume that Jet30 is our new client who is interested to build their website using SharePoint, and has agreed upon the above template for the home page. Its more than enough for us to start the SharePoint development. But before that, we also need to make sure what components make up this home page, things like:

– Which are static content?

– Which contents are editable?

Site Structure

As you can see in the template, Jet30 is interested to have categories or sub-sites or sections in their website, which reflects the horizontal navigation menu at the top


To make things simpler again, lets say we create a root site and build the rest as sub-sites.

So, we are going to have a root site (site collection) called Jet30(Home) and the rest are going to be sub-sites:

– About Us

– Services

– Support

– Communication

– Why Choose Us

– News

– Testimonials

– Contact Us

Lets also assume these categories have their own reasons to be a sub-site.

Dissecting the Home Page

After discussing further with Jet30, I am now able to dissect this home page layout into individual components.

So, below is the first section:


and the second section:


As you can see from the screenshots above, below is the list of controls:

  1. Top Menu Control
  2. Home Page Banner Text Control
  3. Page Second Banner Control
  4. Page Pods Control
  5. Main Description Pod Control
  6. Latest News Control
  7. New Services Control
  8. Login Control
  9. Footer Control

Jet30 also confirms that most of these controls will be used in other page layouts too.

Jet30 has also confirmed that the following controls should be editable, meaning contents be managed:

  1. Home Page Banner Text Control
  2. Page Second Banner Control
  3. Page Pods Control
  4. Main Description Pod Control
  5. Latest News Control
  6. New Services Control

Sweet, I think we are now ready to open Visual Studio and do some SharePoint development!

Whats Next?

There is still one thing we haven’t dealt with – the required site columns, content types and site definition – which is what we are going to see in our next blog post!

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