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Using the Reusable Content to style HTML Contents

Sometimes in your WCM website, you might want users to enter some content in a content area but still apply those styles for the content.

Using the RichHTMLField control, users can enter rich HTML content, but if the content needs some styling or formatting to be applied, then its pretty hard to do it via the editor.


What you see above is some content without any styling applied. When you render the field value, the content will be applied without any styling as well. If you still need to apply the styling, you can do it by switching to HTML mode, as shown below.


This would be a pretty difficult job for the content editors especially if they want to do the same thing at multiple places.

Is there something that would make the job easier?


Yes, and they are called Reusable Contents!

In your Publishing Website, you can see a List called Reusable List. You can use this List to upload your HTML template (with all those styles and formatting) and reuse them across the site and is also accessible right away from the RichHTMLField control!

Content Category

Content Category identifies where the reusable content is going to be available. This is initially empty. So if you want to use in places like RichHTMLField controls, then you need to populate the content category as WYSIWYG Templates

Go to your Reusable List settings and choose the Content Category column from the Columns


Under the Additional Column Settings enter the choice – WYSIWYG Templates


Now, you can add the new reusable content item


Make sure you choose Reusable HTML as the Content Type and WYSIWYG Templates as the Content Category. (Choose to automatically update based on your needs. If you are going to use reusable content as a HTML template for styles or formatting, then it is better not to automatically update)

The reusable content will now be available in the RichHTMLField controls of your website


Below is an example of the reusable content popup


You can choose the reusable item you want to insert using the above popup.

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