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Windows Azure – New CTP, More fun!

So, Windows Azure SDK was updated in the MIX09 conference and here is what now we developers can take advantage of:

FastCGI allows developers to deploy and run web applications written with 3rd party programming languages such as PHP.  This provides developers using non-Microsoft languages the ability to take advantage of scalability on Windows Azure. 

NET Full Trust  provides developers with a level of flexibility in Windows Azure that removes limitations on .NET Libraries which require full trust (including .NET Services) .NET Full Trust, via spawning process and p/invoke, also allows developers to leverage existing investments in native code or legacy components that they will now be able to invoke on Windows Azure.

Geo-location provides developers with the ability to specify a location for their applications and data to build responsive services with lower network latency as well as the capability to meet location-based regulatory and legal requirements.

That’s really cool! Its really nice to see the support for FastCGI applications! 🙂

What are you still waiting for, grab the SDK bits here!

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