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Windows Azure SDK (October 2008 CTP) : Table Service not starting?

After downloading the Windows Azure SDK (October 2008 CTP), I wanted to create a simple application which can make use of Azure Tables. Using the Development Storage tool, Azure SDK simulates the Azure Tables in your local machine than in the cloud. But, when I started the Development Storage tool, the Table Service failed to start and I was not able to choose a proper Table Service Database. None of the SDK samples which uses the local Table Service worked.

The problem was – The Database (DevelopmentStorageDB) was created in my .SQLEXPRESS (Azure SDK searches for a .SQLEXPRESS instance by default) instance, but not the required Schemas!

How do I install the schemas?

Traverse to where you had extracted the SDK Samples and execute the rundevstore.cmd script


This creates all the necessary Schemas and now if you open the Development Storage tool, you could see something like this


You are now ready to execute the SDK Samples which interact with the Azure Tables Services and also create your own applications to interact with the Azure Table Service 🙂

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  1. Hi Chakra,
    Kool , I followed the steps given above but,
    I tried creating a new table by modyfying the storage client source code but of no use. please Guide me in this regard.